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Bwana Art Studio
Get Well & Congratulations!

These are a few "get well" and congratulatory ideas.  We can design a card for any occassion as per your request...

"Special Delivery...just for you...
...GET WELL SOON; (our concern is certified, but no signature required.)"

"Congratulations On Your New Arrival...and also...
...your increased awareness of the law of Supply & Demand!"

"Congratulations On Your New Arrival...(INTERIOR)
(I wonder if they drug store delivers??)

"Bwana Art Studio"
 P.O. Box 4466
 Lincoln, NE 68504 U.S.A.

"Please GET WELL SOON...'cause...
...when you're sick I'm TOO sad!"

"Time Out! Time Out! Say Dear...
...I believe it's YOUR turn to babysit!!"

(Actually, he'll need some time to GET WELL!)

"Fruitcake Passion!"
Another reminder post card for our Dentists...

"Tiger By The Tooth!"
A post card to be used by Dentists to remind patients of appointments.

We can design a post card for any business, as desired.

"Congratulations...You've Graduated. NOW...
...grab your future by the horns...and HANG ON!"

If you need "reminder post cards" for your patients, clients, customers...or anyone with whom you make regular appointments, please consider allowing us to design them for you.

Here's a reminder post card for our Optometrist.