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Bwana Art Studio

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Please see the gallery of selected greeting cards and other cartoon services offered by "Bwana Art Studio" on these few pages.  We are seeking
assignments designing greeting cards, opinion cartoons and general cartoons for publishers and general public and private clients. We appreciate your time reviewing these muchly.
Thank you...
J.Ira Monroe, Artist 

We specialize in animal designs for most of our own cards, as you can readily see.  (We can adapt, however, to any style desired by our clients.) 
Please see also our "Opinion" cartoons and our general advertising cartoons.
Greeting cards usually have a "face" caption and then an "inside" caption as well.  Please note with our samples here that the "face" caption is above each picture with the "inside" caption indicated below each picture.  Some of the samples in the next few pages have pictures "inside" as well, so we'll attempt to keep them together.

"Your Friendship...
oprahfriendshipsmall.jpg so relaxing."

"I Love You...
...even MORE than PEANUTS!"

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at our work. Please see more samples on the next few pages and contact us if you feel our work is something you might be seeking.  Again, thank you for your time!